Hair Fall

Hair Fall

An average human scalp has about 100,000 hair.A routine loss of 100 hair per day is normal. But excessive hair loss – more than 100 hair /day – can be due to many causes like heredity, infections, hormonal imbalance , stress, etc. Sometimes hair loss is temporary and sometimes it is permanent.


There are many types of hair loss .

Alopecia areata – bald patches on scalp 

Scarring alopecia- due to infection caused by bacteria/fungal growth,

Age-As people age, hair loss is common with thinning hair.

Hereditary hair loss(genetical )-Androgenetic alopecia (AGA) (male/female pattern hair loss)

Stress related hair loss 

Post pregnancy 

    Other causes
    • Anagen effluvium – due to chemotherapy.
    • vitamin deficiencies 
    • Due to hair shaft defect-hair infections,unruly hair.

      With hair being crowning glory and definitely a part of our personality, losing hair is a tough proposition, almost like losing part of your persona. With the right diagnosis and correct treatment protocol, hair loss can be managed successfully.