Aging – a nightmare isn’t it?

Particularly in the current era, where the world is polluted enough, coupled with the changes in our food habits, there are numerous problems and changes that our lifestyle is going through. It is important to stay healthy and fight against aging problems like dry skin, sagging, wrinkles, skin elasticity, etc.. As days roll, it is vital to get yourself an appointment with an anti-aging treatment clinic to avoid anything major hitting you hard later.

How ‘Aging’ Works?

First comes first, aging is a natural process, and indeed every individual goes through the same one day or the other. Aging is due to the depletion of the stem cells which makes up to the skin and bones in our body. As the stem cells deplete, we start aging. Not to worry, there is anti aging treatment clinic to help one get through these issues at the best. The treatments would help in providing the body with its vitality and gives the face the necessary glow.

What Are The Causes?

At anti aging treatment clinic, they take skin tests and stimulate new stem cells to the body to stop or slow down the aging process.

For an individual to stay healthy and sport young skin, they will have to maintain their epidermal stem cells which by itself have self-generating property, generating the daughter cells. With the newly formed daughter cells, the skin is refined, and new skin is made by our body. Other than just repairing the skin, these epidermal cells also maintain the health of tissues for the vital organs like heart and liver. However, this stem cell mobilization becomes impaired due to the resistance from diseases. Due to these, the level of cells that remain to maintain one’s skin vitality is low.

What Are The Treatments Available?

The non-surgical treatments include Chemical Peels, where the medicinal solutions are applied to peel the damaged skin reveal fresh layer. Mesotherapy – a combination of minerals, vitamins and amino acids are applied on the normal skin rejuvenating it. Microdermabrasion – removing uppermost layer of the skin through exfoliant crystal spray. One has to visit an anti-aging treatment clinic and get the test done where the doctor suggests the right method.

Laser And Light Treatments – There are different kinds of light treatments that are available at various anti-aging treatment clinic – Intense pulse light is one in which light rays are passed on the patient’s skin, there are other techniques that are also non-surgical facelift options that can be done using ultrasonic devices like ULTHERA which is just a 2 sessions and a one-time per year session which reduces the number of visits to the clinics.

BOTOX – known as the Botulinum toxin injections and Hyaluronic/collagen fillers are the most used and very well known that corrects wrinkles on the skin.

Only in the later stages, any doctor for an anti-aging treatment clinic would suggest for a surgical procedure. These include facelift, platysmaplasty – to tighten the sagging skin, blepharoplasty – for eye bags and implants to add flesh to chin and cheeks.

Ultherapy – This is a modern, non-surgical face lifting procedure that uses sound waves to rejuvenate the skin. There are only a handful of centres in India that has this procedure available, Dr. Alekya Singapore’s The Skin Sense Clinic being one of them. So visit her when you think anti aging treatment Hyderabad.

Things to know before you go for treatment:

It is important to keep note of several aspects before one goes for a cosmetic treatment or anything surgical. Here is the list of things for an anti-aging treatment:

  1. It is important to note that for best results one should go for a combination of two or more treatments. However, only a well-experience dermatologist from any anti aging treatment clinicto choose one. Hence, check and go to a proper dermatologist
  2. These treatments would only slow down aging, but this cannot eliminate the effects of the normal aging. Understand that aging can never be won with any of the treatments
  3. There are a few procedures to be followed religiously for long lasting results. These procedures would be listed by a dermatologist.

Depending on your skin sensitivity and the age of the individual the result would wary. One cannot expect any results that are as unrealistic as the advertisements